Snowshoeing is a different way of walking, almost floating on the snow without sinking. Snowshoes are ancient tools very well known among mountain people. They permitted, in fact to reach places otherwise inaccessible during the long and snowy winters.

Today the tool itself has deeply changed; the structure is in aluminum and thus very light, and behind the shoe, there is an efficacy crampon that grants the grip also on the most difficult terrains. This is a sport for everybody of every age and it does not require a specific training or technique or extreme strength. Beginners will soon feel comfortable even after a short walking distance.

Generally, the places visited by snowshoes are the same as the summer ones, only the magic sensation of the snow-covered woods is different. We can choose among many different itineraries of any difficulty and length.

Some of them are very easy, but others are demanding and require winter gear to get through them. Weather conditions are never a problem for snowshoeing as we can go out with sunshine but also behind a thick snowfall.

Snowshoeing Routes