Muraglia del Giau





ciaspe al Passo Giau

The itinerary follows the line of the old Giau Wall, which since 1753 has divided the territories between Cortina and San Vito. Historical events tell of continuous battles to defend the borders between the two locations... well yes, San Vito prevailed and this splendid location is part of its borders. The exposure of the walk is excellent, ideal even on windy days. It is easy to find areas not yet explored by changing the initial track slightly. We proceed a bit in the woods and a bit in more open clearings, the view is still guaranteed, at the foot of the majestic Lastoi de Formin and the Gusela.

  • Duration
    3 h 30 m

  • Elevation Gain
    Ascent: 200 m | Descent: 200 m

  • Mountain Group
    Passo Giau

  • Attendance

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Recommended period:

December - March

The price includes:

snowshoes and poles

Equipment provided:

Snow Shoes, Mountain poles

Meeting place:

09:00 AM - Guide's Office (Corso Italia, 69/a)

4 people

People (max: 10):4


Price per person:87,50 €

Total:350,00 €

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Enrico Maioni