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Cortina Dolomiti Ultra Trekking

The Cortina Dolomiti Ultra Trekking is a seven-day excursion with six nights' accommodation in traditional mountain huts and, where you can taste the many local dishes itoghether with your hiking companions; it is about 132 km long with over 6700 m gain level in altitude, both positive and negative. It was scheduled with the aim [...]


Alternative weekend escapes: snowshoes, nature, mountain huts As soon as the mountains turn white with the first snowfall, the desire to walk in snowy landscapes sets in. Many mountain huts stay open during the winter season and welcome mountaineers to warm up and relax in their cozy ambience after wonderful winter trekkings in the Natural […]

Who guides us, who was guiding us, who will guide us.

In the long tradition of the Alpine Guides of Cortina d’Ampezzo there has always been a natural relay between generations. Since when, in 1864, Paul Grohmann formed the first Guide, Francesco Lacedelli known as Checco da Meleres, a very long series of passages of the baton passed on an intrinsic tradition in the DNA of […]

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