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Who guides us, who was guiding us, who will guide us.

In the long tradition of the Alpine Guides of Cortina d’Ampezzo there has always been a natural relay between generations.
Since when, in 1864, Paul Grohmann formed the first Guide, Francesco Lacedelli known as Checco da Meleres, a very long series of passages of the baton passed on an intrinsic tradition in the DNA of our country.
More than 150 years of history made up of people who tie together, one pitch after another, to reach the top.
It is incredible to think how many pitches we have made, how many peaks we have reached, how many shoes we have worn on the rocks and how many people we have made happy, from the yungest to the oldest ones.
Some evenings ago, we have held the annual dinner of all the Cortina Guides. Also those who hung the rope on a nail took part.
We celebrated those who have made special ascents, those who for 15 or 30 years work within our association and for the first time, our president Luca Dapoz, offered an acknowledgment to those that in the past guided our society.
So on this occasion we paid tribute to Ugo Pompanin (born in 1926) and Lorenzo Lorenzi (born in 1939) who shared the honor of leading the Guides in the past.
Together with them we also paid a small tribute to Edoardo Valleferro, in chronological order, the last “Ampezzano” to become Guide this year.
You will soon see our programs, these few lines just to remind you that the younger ones often climb on the nails of the “old ones” and thanks to the “old ones” for having shown us the way to follow.

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By Ufficio-Guide / Administrator on Dec 03, 2019

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