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Mountain Guide since 1984

Date of birth: 10/10/1958

I started climbing at the tender age of 4, with my father and my older brother. My first ferrate were the Punta Anna and I also remember partecipating at the opening of the G. Lipella, where my brother and I disappeared during the ceremony, reaching the base of the Tofana de Rozes,and the entrance of the Castelletto tunnel, my father was not amused but surprised on how far we had gone… but we got slapped all the same!

My most serious alpinistic activity started in 1979 on the walls of the Cinque Torri. In 1982 I was part of the local climbing group called “Squirrels” and I also started to be part of the local Mountain Rescue Team.

In 1984, I passed the exam an became an Aspirant Mountain Guide, and after 4 years of training I finally became an Alpine Guide and Ski Mountaineering Instructor in 1988. In that same year the Heliambulance service was launched and I started to be a technician, a career that I still follow with passion and dedication. From December 2001 until the end of 2009 I was also in charge of the local Alpine Rescue Team.

I heve climbed around the world and thank God I’m still here….. if you would like to learn about classic mountaineering, perhaps a talk about it whilst drinking a beer…. don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m usually in the Guides office in the evening.

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