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Alpine Guide since 1993

Date of birth: 06/19/1971

I started to spend time in the mountains as a child with my family. I started my first climbs with my father. Thanks to an extreme passion and a certain predisposition I gained confidence very early on in life and when I was still young, in the 1980’s I had already climbed some of the most difficult crags in Italy and Europe inlcuding Southern France.

Between the age of 14 and 17 I was the youngest climber in the world who had climbed places of extreme difficulty. then, at the end of school I had discovered crags not only in the Dolommites but all over the Alps. At that point I felt the necessity to take it up as a career, and became an Alpine Guide at the age of 21.

I have also climbed extremely difficult ferrate in Patagonia and in North America. I have an amazing variety of styles. I am always looking out for new places to climb and new vertical experiences.

Some of my most important climbs:
Dolomiti. Solitary: Via Zauberlhirling to the Cima Scotoni, second rip. and first solitary, probabily the most difficult rock crag in the Alps.

First climbs: the opening of the ferrate “A quarant’anni dalla cima” and “Lux”, on the South face of the Tofana di Rozes.

In Patagonia. First climbs: opening of Pepe Rajo, The first way on the North face of the Cerro Piergiorgio.

Stati Uniti. Al Capitain repitition of the ferrata Salathè and repitition of important crags for free climbing of various lengths.

Free climbing on the: Ratikon (Switzerland): third and fastest repetition of the Silbergeier.

Sardinia: First free climb on the Hotel Supramonte, the most difficult free climbways in Italy.

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