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Activity description

Fun, education and adventure.
A program entirely dedicated to children from the age of 6. Take the first steps on the vertical walls in complete safety, to learn together to use GRI GRI, carabiners, ropes and knots.
Start discovering the tunnels of war, with torches and helmet, learning about the trees and the flowers, knowing how to distinguish the whistle of the chamois from the whistle of the groundhog… all this can be done together with the Alpine guides.
We offer three-day climbing courses, single days of excursions, individual days of easy Vie ferrate.
It is possible to organize trips with overnight stays in shelters for pre-constituted groups. Ask for our personalized proposals!
All activities begin at 9:00 and end at 16:00. For Climbing course and via ferrates we require 3-4 kids max, while for hikings 1 guide every 8-10 children.
The technical material is available by the Guide’s office free of charge.

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