Winter Via Ferrata

ferrate invernali

Climbing on a via ferrata in Winter is definitely an unusual activity, but certainly one of great satisfaction.

Before we start: climbing a via ferrata in Winter is much more demanding than in Summer, and for this reason, it is an activity reserved to those who have proven experience. The difficulties that we may meet can obviously vary, this depends on the quantity of snow and ice that are present.

Even in optimal snow conditions, however, the physical demand is clearly superior to that of a Summer climb: in Winter our backpack will be heavier, the trails that we usally cover in summer, will request major effort and fatique. Frequently we have to use the shovel and the ice axe to free the steel cable from the snow. Our body will use more calories to defend ourselves from the cold temperatures and the ascent times will be inevitably longer…

Summing up all of these peculiarities of a Winter ferrata, it is clear that it would be better not to be adventurous in this type of activity if we are not in a perfect physical shape.

It’s always advisable to rely on the expertise and capacity of an Alpine Guide.