Alpine Guide

Enrico Maioni

I was born in a wonderful place, Cortina d’ Ampezzo, where I still live and work.

Since when I was a child I have learnt to know, explore and love my town and the wonderful mountains that surround it, The Dolomites.

Growing up, the passion for the mountains and for the fantastic outdoor activies that can be pratisced here, have helped me approach the career of that of a Mountain Guide, which, in my eyes, is the most beatiful career in the world.

Nowadays, I accompany anyone who desires to see these mountains, either in demanding climbs or simple escursions, in summer or in winter. My aim is to transmit to them all my knowledge achieved in thirty five years of alpinism, together with my love for this region.

Guide since: 1984

Birth date: 19 August 1960