Vie Ferrate

Ferrate in Cortina

The Vie ferrate in the Dolomites is undoubtedly one of the most characteristic aspects of going to the mountains. An excursion on rocky terrain, equipped with fixed ropes, to offer a middle ground between the climbing and the high altitude hiking.

Many of the tracks date back to the First great War of 1915-18, when the armies presided over the ridge areas and to reach them more easily, equipped with metallic ropes, ladders and sometimes bridges, ledges and chimneys, following the most logical passages. Since then the style of the ferrate has changed much, in modern ferrate often looking for more vertical passages and planes to give a more sporty style.

The fascination of this activity also conquers the less experienced hiker who for the first time feels the emotion of altitude and vertical. Not only that, ask for the easiest itineraries to let kids try the thrill of a well-equipped itinerary.

Discover the vie ferrate available and passable.

Via Ferrata Routes